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Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF 31 MK4
Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF 31 MK4
Model: CF 31 MK4
Price: $1,795.00
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1. Where do I get these laptop and notebook computers?
My used or secondhand laptops and notebook computers come mainly from finance companies and IBM, Dell and Compaq themselves, as refurbished units. They have been thoroughly checked and are given an ok clean bill of health. They are of course guaranteed for at least 3 months. Some have been traded in on new laptops and notebook computers. I do not buy them at auctions, which are notorious for defective products.

2. What is the difference between notebook computers and laptops?
The original portable computers were called laptops, or luggables. They were about the same size as a portable sewing machine and weighed a bomb. I sold many of them in the early 80’s. ( I sold my first IBM in 1986). The correct term for current generation portable computers is NOTEBOOKS.

3. What do I think is the best brand of laptop or notebook computer?
In my mind there is no real difference in the major brands. They are all technically excellent, provided you stick with the top 5 major vendors you cant really go wrong. The top companies - Toshiba, Dell, IBM, HP, Compaq will still provide telephone assistance to any user. If you have a problem, I say that between us we will get a solution.

4. Are Laptops and notebook computers expensive to repair?
Because these laptops and notebook computers are USED or secondhand, the repair costs are modest. There is a network of repairers who have good supplies of used parts which keeps the costs down .

5. What does my laptop and notebook computer warranty cover?
It covers any malfunction of the laptops and notebook computers hardware due to fair wear and tear similar to the original warranty. We are happy to repair, or replace the laptop or notebook computer. Batteries are not part of the warranty. They are a consumerable product just like printer cartridges and periodically need replacing. However, they do work. Ring or email me and I can provide the names of reputable battery rebuilders who charge less than the price of a new one. Software problems are not covered by warranty but many of these problems are resolved over the telephone.

6. Will laptops and notebooks loose their value?
Yes they rapidly lose value. Because those listed are used they have already dropped significantly in value. They will continue to do so but not as fast. I will always trade back the notebook that you have bought on a newer version.

7. Do laptops and notebook computers wear out?

The answer is they don’t. However, finally a laptops and notebook computers longevity is determined by whether there is service and parts available. The leading brands that I sell are almost guaranteed not to wear out because there are always parts available to repair them either used, or new.

8. Does Windows come preloaded on the laptop?

It does but thetre are no discs supplied. You can purchase Windows discs from us. Note that Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook) do not come with laptops and notebook computers. We do however provide at no charge, Open Office as part of our free software. This is a Microsoft "look alike"

9. Are laptop and notebook computer operator manuals provided?
Not unless mentioned in the description of the unit selected. We will however provide you with the internet address of downloadable manuals (if available) in the accompanying box.

10. Will you accept any other form of payment?
Yes you can arrange personal cheque or money order which will need to be cleared before shipping laptop. It will however slow the delivery process down. Contact us and indicate which of these methods you would prefer.

11.What comes with the laptop or notebook computer?
Laptops and notebook computers come with an AC Power Adapter, cable and rechargeable battery.
The software supplied is Windows, which includes an Internet Browser, Email Program and Wordpad.
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook are not supplied as part of unit.